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Searching for a reliable steel building foundation that will bear the weight of your building for the years to come? At Zentner Steel Buildings, we have spent over a decade conducting our own research on what makes the best steel building, with a special focus on steel building foundation options. A strong foundation is the backbone of your building’s structure and integrity. So when it comes to foundations, we don’t compromise.

But the foundation is only one step in our complete approach to steel buildings. Our in-house team of specialists will guide you through every step of the process which begins with surveying your land. Following the survey, the ground is excavated within marked boundaries in order to lay the foundation.

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Types of Foundations for Steel Buildings                

When you begin thinking about steel building foundation options it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options. But deciding which foundation to choose is essential to making sure that your steel building will stand strong for years to come. The dedicated team at Zentner Steel Buildings ltd. has mastered the science behind building strong foundations. Below you will find some information on the various parts of your steel building foundation:

  • 4’ Frost Wall Foundation with Continuous Perimeter Footing

This type of foundation involves the use of continuous perimeter strip footings with a 4’ to 10’-8” thick concrete frost wall with built out pilasters at columns (Upright structural members). This may type may be used on a hill , where there is need for a change of height of the floor in a building or where there is a high water table. See pictures and illustrations.

  • 2’ Grade Beam Foundation

The type of foundation would have “bored and poured” columns for example 18” in diameter and 15’ deep depending on the engineers requirements. They are bored and then poured with concrete and reinforcement rebar steel. These columns are then attached at the top to the bottom of a “grade beam” which is often 8” wide and 2’ tall with reinforcement rebar steel and built-out pilasters at the upright structural members. This is very typical in large warehouses or arenas. The top of the grade beam is typically about 2’ above the soil grade. The floor is poured separately. (See illustrations and/or pictures)

  • Monolithic Slab Foundation

This type of foundation has the foundation for the steel building and the floor in one pour.  The perimeter is deepened and thickened to support the steel building with the bolt anchors at concrete floor level. Similar to what you would see in a residential garage perhaps.

  • Pier Foundation

This type of foundation is often used when there is a “dirt floor” only. This style of foundation uses concrete piers to give a strong foundation to the steel building. Pier foundations are most frequently used in agricultural steel buildings. Concrete piers are inserted deep into the ground to give an extra strong hold. The concrete piers/columns are

“bored and poured” using concrete and reinforcement rebar steel. So, the upright steel structural members would be anchored to concrete bolt anchors embedded on the top to

the pier/column. This style has no frost wall, or grade beam and the building sits on the

piers only.

  • All Steel Foundation

This type of foundation has no concrete but is made from steel only. This style works well in

remote locations, when the budget is a bigger concern, and for low occupancy buildings ie barns.

Can be fully stamped and engineered if required. Makes a steel barn more competitive in cost with a “pole barn”. Columns/piers only. Typically used when a frost wall or grade beam is not required. Can be used with a dirt floor or a concrete floor, which can be done later any time after the building has been completed. The steel building is welded or bolted to

a plate that is welded to a “screw” pile.

Zentner – We Create Strong Foundations for Your Steel Buildings

Confused with all of the steel building foundation options available to you? Don’t worry – Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. is the expert in various types of foundation. Based on your land-type, soil type and specific usage requirements, we will know exactly what type of foundation you need – and we’ll explain every step of the way.  We take the guesswork out of your construction project out of work because we take foundations seriously. Laying a strong foundation that will ensure your building lasts for generations to come is achievable with Zentner Steel Buildings. Remember that if your foundation is not engineered properly that an improper foundation may void the warranty and engineering on your steel building package.  Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you get started on the right track. Don’t take any chances with your new steel building have a weak foundation.

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