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Are you thinking of a new steel building for your commercial business?  Already have one and you’re looking for construction of commercial steel buildings? Whatever your needs, Zentner Steel Buildings is your one-stop partner for all your steel building needs.

We don’t only build steel buildings, we also build long-lasting relationships with our clients who come to us as their business grows. We offer metal buildings for commercial purposes at a price that’s affordable. Are you looking for a cost-effective way to build a highway-side retail store? Maybe you’re expanding your downtown restaurant or bar? Perhaps you want to start a commercial storage facility in the suburbs or you’re expanding a winery on a hillside vineyard? The possibilities for commercial steel buildings are virtually endless, and with Zentner Steel Buildings you’re partnering with the professionals.

With a dedicated team of designers, precision engineers and construction professionals, we offer superb value for money and have all the expertise you could need under one roof. Our craftsmanship in commercial steel building construction has earned us a reputation across Canada as one of the premier steel building companies in the country. Got questions about steel buildings? Get in touch with our customer service team today!

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Steel Frame Commercial Building That Last Longer and Serve Better       

If you already own a steel building and you’re looking for construction of a commercial building contact us to find out how we can repair, improve and upgrade your building. We use only the highest grade of steel in all of our new construction and repair work, so you can be certain that you will enjoy your Zentner steel building for years to come. Our buildings give you a great boost for your energy efficiency, too, as they’re insulated to save you money on your heating bill.

With our specialist team of creative designers, you can rest assured that your commercial space will be modern and look impressive for years to come. Whether you’re building an entire strip mall, a warehouse, commercial storage structure or any other steel building constructed for commercial purposes, we have over a decade of experience and are proud to serve some of Canada’s largest enterprises.

Versatility That Will Fit Your Budget                 

If you’re undecided about whether steel is right for you, take a peek at our portfolio to see the array of modern and professional styles that are available. Modern steel buildings offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to build your commercial business building while giving you the versatility to expand as your business grows.

Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. has been using steel buildings to construct some of Canada’s most impressive commercial facilities for over a decade. From building prefab steel sheds to mini-storage facilities or retail outlets to mezzanine areas, we have delivered contemporary commercial buildings for a whole range of businesses.

Since our entire process is carried out in-house, we’re able to deliver highly customized solutions for buildings, including hybrid office spaces and multi-use commercial spaces that require a substantial amount of planning. With Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. you can explore multiple possibilities and we can help you choose the most economical choice for your business needs.

Customized Commercial Steel Buildings That Meet Your Requirements

From storage outbuildings, steel storage building or metal storage building to multi-level office buildings, our commercial steel buildings are purpose-built to suit your specific requirements. From design and engineering to transportation and installation, Zentner Steel Buildings specialize in delivering turnkey steel buildings right to your job site at a lower cost.

Commercial applications include shops, prefab steel sheds, office buildings, mini-storage facilities, and mezzanine areas.

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