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Not sure which type of steel building you need? As the experts in institutional building construction, we’re uniquely positioned to help you decide exactly what kind of steel building would meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to expand your library, school, daycare or even a church, Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. has a vast wealth of experience in creating steel building solutions for institutions like yours! We deliver unmatched excellence in constructing steel buildings that are constructed quickly and exactly to spec.

Why choose a steel building to expand your institution? Not only are steel buildings extremely sturdy, cost-efficient and spacious, but our modern range of metal barns fit in seamlessly with existing architecture for a tasteful extension of facilities. And, unique to steel buildings, you could even move your steel building to any place across Canada if your business address changes. The steel buildings that we design and deliver are easy to assemble, disassemble and reconstruct.

Ask for turnkey steel building solutions for your institutional building construction from Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. at 1-888-826-1799!

World-class Steel Building Construction for Every Institution             

Struggling to find a structure large enough for a fire station? Or are you looking for a strong home for your church? Maybe you need affordable and reliable permanent structures to accommodate an expanding school, college or museum?  Whatever kind of building you’re looking to create, you are not alone! The entire team at Zentner Steel Buildings is here to deliver a custom solution that’s designed to fit in with your institution’s surroundings and be your home for generations to come.

Thinking about building in steel? There are loads of great reasons why steel is a smart idea:

  • Heat-Resistant

Steel is a highly heat-resistant construction material and has been subjected to rigorous testing by fire departments and construction specialists. So your building is highly protected in the case of fire, meaning there will be little to no loss to your building structure.

  • Pest Resistant Material

Tired of mice running through the walls? Had a bad experience with insect infestation? Steel buildings are remarkable at keeping out those unwanted visitors.

  • Appearance

Modern Steel Buildings in Canada come in an array of styles, colors, and designs. If you think of a square shed when you think of a steel building, then have a look at some of our pictures – many of our structures are made especially to fit in tastefully with their surroundings.

  • Speed of Construction

Steel buildings are designed to last years, but they don’t take years to build! With our easy to assemble prefabricated steel buildings, the external structure could be built in as little as a few days.


  • Quality

At Zentner Steel Buildings we offer only the highest grade in steel quality for metal barns. This means that you have extended rust protection and a guarantee that your building will look brand new for years to come.

Zentner Offers a Flexible Solution for Building Your Institution

Not sure if a steel building is a right choice for you?  Zentner is here to answer all of your questions and help you to work out the very best solution for your needs. With the flexible options afforded you by steel buildings, you can add new spaces to your institutional building whenever your facility needs it. Create more space for your facility and visitors, add an additional seating space to your office, and expand your institutional steel building to accommodate new engines or machinery. Whatever you’re thinking of, think of Zentner.

If you’re considering a new steel building, or have questions about whether a steel building could be right for you, get in touch!

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