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Whatever kind of steel building you own, If you’re looking for reliable steel building contractors or Metal Building Construction in Canada then look no further – Zentner Steel Buildings is your trusted partner for all steel building renovation projects. Your old or damaged steel buildings can look brand new with the work of our dedicated renovation team.  We specialize in a whole range of steel building renovation requirements, from replacing damaged wall panels, roofs, steel siding, doors, and gutters. Rest assured that whatever change we make to your steel buildings will deliver a product that is aesthetically appealing and gives your building a modern look.

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When Should You Start Thinking About Metal Building Contractors in Canada?

Not sure if this is the right time to consider remodeling or renovating your steel building? Contact our dedicated team of steel building contractors and find out. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions about your project.

Here are a few of the most common reasons our clients have for renovation:

  • The Existing Steel Building Structure Isn’t Large Enough                   

Does your customer queue often get long enough to reach outside the door? Or, are your employees struggling to get some extra space? Whatever your reason for needing more space, the team at Zentner  Steel Buildings Ltd. is ready to help you! Expand your facility in a way that will fit in aesthetically with your existing buildings with a modern and spacious steel building.

  • When Your Steel Building Doesn’t Match Your Brand

Has your current steel building completely lost its charm? Has its dingy and dark appearance made it look outdated? If so, then now is the time to replace it with a new steel building. Dull spaces are a huge turnoff to your customers and definitely don’t enhance your brand. Remodeling could give your business the boost it needs.

  • When Things Start Falling Apart

If you’ve waited until the paint starts coming off from your steel building structures, then now is definitely the time to think about renovations. Leaky roofs and patchy walls can happen after years of neglect – it’s definitely time for a revamped steel building.

Putting the Charm Back in Your Buildings - Zentner

Zentner Steel Buildings is one of Canada’s premier steel building contractors, bringing you the very best quality in steel building renovations so that you can run your business worry-free. Whether you’re renovating a barn, riding arena or industrial facility, our team brings creativity and quality precision construction to every renovation project. So, when the dull appearance of your steel building starts taking its toll, get in touch! We will put the life back into your outdated steel buildings. Contact us today!

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