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Do your steel buildings look outdated with old fashioned designs and colours? Are your sidings looking like they’ve seen better days? If it seems like replacing them with a new steel structure building in Canada might be costly, then don’t worry – Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. offers an economical alternative. Have you considered the steel frame building to make them look like new structures?

This approach gives you a cost-effective solution that is as easy on the eye as it is on the wallet. Steel building modifications can help increase efficiency levels, improve your curb appeal and show your customers that you’re a modern company or institution. Retrofitting allows you to keep your pre-engineered metal building but makes it 100% functional again. Think of it as a facelift! Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. is here to help you find cost-effective solutions to achieve your evolving business goals.

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How We Can Retrofit and Update Your Pre-Engineered Metal Building        

You might be wondering why you should consider retrofitting of steel structure Building? Well, there are a plenty of reasons why our clients choose to retrofit.

Sometimes, buying a totally new steel building structure doesn’t make financial sense when you can simply replace the worn parts of an existing building. There’s no need to spend the time and money required to purchase and build a totally new steel building. In cases where a steel building already exists, it’s often smarter to put money into required modifications. Small upgrades will bring your steel buildings up to par and they’ll look as good as new ones. Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. delivers the best solutions when you’re running on a tight budget but still want to fix up the issues with your outdated buildings.

When to Choose to Retrofit Your Outdated Steel Structure Building?           

Retrofitting helps when your steel building structure has only localized damage or when it is entirely functional but lacking in aesthetics. Retrofitting can be as small as little tweaks or as large as a whole building retrofit. Or it could be somewhere in between the two. If you’re still unsure whether a new steel building or simply retrofitting an old building is right for you, then take a look below.

A retrofit is a great option when you just want to:

  • Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Steel Building
  • Achieve Higher Thermal and Energy Efficiency By Adding Insulation
  • Cut Down Your Energy Bills
  • Revitalize the Look of Your Current steel structures Canada
  • Make Tweaks to Your Roof to Make It Modular to Improve the Ease of Maintenance

How Can Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. Help You With Steel Structure Building Renovations and Modifications?

Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd. has a whole range of retrofit repairs that we can make to your building to make it look brand new. Some of these upgrades include tweaks to the roof, siding, insulation, doors, wall panels and all other elements of your steel structures.

A common complaint with old steel buildings is poor roof drainage. This often leads to further problems with siding and door repairs being necessary. If this has happened with your building, Zentner Steel Buildings can work with you to install a new roofing system, adjusting the slope of your roof while improving its aesthetic appeal. If the siding of your steel building has been weakened due to extreme weather conditions or water damage, we could install a cost-effective upgrade.

Common uses for Steel Building Modifications and Alterations include the following:

  • Storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Oil refineries
  • Factory plants
  • Schools and institutions
  • Churches and other religious establishments

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Upgrade Your Steel Buildings Without Breaking The Bank

Are you considering a project including retrofitting of steel frame building? When you partner with Zentner steel buildings, you can upgrade your current steel structure building in Canada without breaking the bank. We work closely with our clients to provide contemporary solutions for steel building alterations and modifications which give facilities a modern feel and a clean look. Thinking about retrofitting your steel building? Get in touch with our team today and let us give your outdated steel buildings a new lease of life.

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