Zentner Steel Buildings can provide your business a cost efficient advantage with our top of the line steel building solutions. Incorporating pre-engineered metal buildings into a design-build project adds to a fast track schedule as well as improves the process of project cost control.

Throughout the years of being active in the construction industry, our builders have developed a keen understanding of the requirements for every type of project to meet client expectation. We ensure to meet them at all cost.

We take pride in our modern designs, strict practice of integrity in the order and delivery process, quality control of the manufacturing process, competitive pricing, and efficiency in time management to ensure the project gets completed on schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a new turn-key building, existing structure modification or a minor repair, Zentner Steel Buildings have the cost-effective custom solutions for you.

Exact by Design

For institutional applications, timing and reliable installation are key to project success. Built to exact specifications, we specialize in sourcing steel building packages for large-scale municipal and government projects.

Institutional applications include churches, retail outlets, malls, recreation facilities and community centres.

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