Why You Should Go For Steel Buildings Alberta for Your Next Building Construction?


Wondering which material should you choose for your next construction project in Alberta? Whether you’re searching for a solution for your industrial, agricultural, storage, garage, or any other kind of building needs, steel buildings in Alberta have become increasingly popular. A province in Western Canada, Alberta is known for its mountains, vast coniferous forests, mesmerizing buildings, lakes, and rich mineral deposits.


While talking about the infrastructure of Alberta, steel structures play an important role be it manufacturing facilities, agricultural storage facilities, recreational buildings, warehouses, office buildings, barns, churches, equipment storage, aircraft hangers, and more. You may be thinking about why choose steel or metal over other types of construction materials and whether it will work for your application.


In the past, metal buildings were available only in basic designs but now there are many different styles for all sorts of uses. And, here’s why you may prefer metal structures over traditional ones…


Why choose steel buildings Alberta?


Metal buildings or steel buildings consist of steel or galvanized aluminum and extremely popular for constructing workshops, barns, stables, garages, shops, aircraft hangars, and other storage areas. However, the use of metal is not limited to these kinds of buildings as they are often used for residential homes and commercial complexes.


  • Being a flexible material, Steel can be customized to create a variety of designs and can also last a long time as long as insulated efficiently and finished with drywall.
  • Made of iron and different amounts of carbon, structural steel is about 1,000 times stronger than the purest form of iron and, therefore, an excellent option for building tough structures.
  • The structural integrity of steel can withstand harsh climates as well as the stress manifested by human use as coating with zinc and galvanized steel makes the building stronger.
  • Metal is naturally more resistant to elements like insects and rotting while the rusting and corroding can be avoided by adequately caring for and maintaining the building.
  • Steel is more affordable as pre-fabricated parts can easily be assembled and there are many different designs to choose from.


Maintaining Alberta Metal Buildings


Whatever kind of building you want to construct, maintenance forms an integral part but steel requires little to none. Many manufacturers of Alberta agricultural buildings and Alberta Industrial buildings or other metal buildings have warranties for parts as well as roofing. Although there may be some things to maintain to avoid rust or corrosion it’s not as time-consuming or expensive as wood repairs.


Savings and Insurance


Being an owner of a steel building, you can enjoy a lot of benefits in the form of insurance price cuts, low maintenance costs, fewer labor charges, and more. Also, you can save big on your energy bills as pre-painted or granular-coated steel reflects solar energy. It re-emits the absorbed heat more than other materials and thus saves cooling and heating costs. Many buildings are made from recycled products and better option for sustainable structures.


Aesthetics and Customization


It is metal doesn’t mean that it has to be boring like a plain boxy square or rectangular structure. We know that metal buildings have a terrible reputation in terms of aesthetics but they no more have to be boring. Today, these structures can be customized the way you want and look more attractive, progressive, and customized. This is the biggest reason steel buildings appeal to homeowners, businesses, and the agricultural industry.


Cost Factors for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings


As far as the cost of construction is concerned, it will depend on factors like the purpose of the building, land & location you choose, size & specifications, site preparations & foundations, and other geographical cost factors like snow load, insulation needs, seismic, etc. The manufacturer or builder will provide you with detailed information on building types such as industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural, storage, etc. Based on different factors, they will provide a cost estimate that you can match with your budget.


Given the advantages you can enjoy having steel buildings in Alberta, every penny spend will seem like a good investment.


So, what’s your plan?


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