When a business decides it’s time to expand, there are questions that need to be answered: Will my building be temporary or permanent? Will my new building be custom-made or a pre-fabricated structure? How do I find a reputable steel buildings supplier who can professionally help me to navigate the process?

Naturally, the answers to these questions will depend largely on the nature of the business, and each business owner will answer them differently. But when it comes to the material, Canadian business owners have overwhelmingly chosen to go with steel buildings. And here’s why:

In general, a metal building cost is lower than the equivalent in lumber or brick. When it comes to steel building cost, business owners often find that there is no comparison. Not only is the construction more economical, faster and less messy, but the maintenance of steel buildings is also much less expensive, meaning that steel buildings’ cost stays low even when measured over the course of many years.

The cost isn’t the only factor that makes steel buildings an attractive option for business owners. Steel buildings are very easily customizable – meaning that your business can benefit from a unique-looking building that is scalable as you expand further. For many Canadian businesses, steel buildings offer the flexibility to grow their buildings with their business.

And while steel building cost remains low, the building itself will often last for generations, meaning that it will not need to be replaced – avoiding further expense down the road! Metal is one of the strongest materials used in the construction industry, which means that your building will still be standing when buildings made from other materials may require serious upkeep.

For Canadians, steel buildings also offer fantastic weather-proof solutions. Our winters can be tough, and right across the country, business owners in a range of industries – from oil & gas to education or agriculture, have found that steel buildings offer highly resistant buildings that withstand even the very worst of Canadian weather. Steel itself resists mould growth, which can be highly damaging for buildings and spread dangerous toxins. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to fit insulation to a steel building, making it a very simple building to winter-proof, and far more energy-efficient than other types of buildings.

Finally, the customizable and versatile nature of metal buildings also makes them highly attractive to Canadian businesses looking to expand. While other kinds of buildings may face restraints in their building because of the weight they are able to handle, metal buildings are strong enough to deliver a greater number of options. If you need a wide-open space, without beams – metal buildings can deliver.

In short, why are Canadian business owners deciding to opt for steel buildings? The price is one major factor! Steel buildings prices have always been more economical than traditional building methods – but that’s not all. There are many other reasons why a steel building is a great option.

If you’re looking for a steel buildings supplier to help you in your business expansion, contact Zentner Steel Buildings today.