Superior Quality Edmonton steel Buildings from Zentner Steel Buildings

If you need to construct Edmonton steel buildings for your business, Zentner Steel Buildings could help you, and bring a wealth of experience and expertise – regardless of your industry. We build superior quality steel buildings which perform extremely well on all quality parameters. The secret to our success is no secret at all – we just know how to construct high performing Edmonton Structural Steel Buildings relying on our state-of-the-art craftsmanship, top-grade steel and superior customer service. Every one of our steel buildings is built to withstand the harsh climate of Edmonton, while keeping affordability in the mind. Created to last, our steel buildings are almost maintenance-free. Let’s explore the different industries and verticals we have served with our quality steel buildings:


Zentner Steel Buildings has years of experience creating top quality construction of affordable, durable and long-lasting steel structures for Edmonton Industrial buildings. We’ve built warehouses, tool storage facilities and manufacturing shops, as well as dozens of various bespoke industrial buildings.


When looking for storage sheds or garage space construction or Edmonton Storage Buildings , talk to us because we have the knowledge to deliver them on time, and on budget. Top quality insulation makes them increasingly energy-efficient. We deliver prefabricated steel buildings that can be quickly built, so you don’t have the costs and waiting times associated with conventional building. Build ample storage space to store your boat, pick-up trucks or any other vehicles or equipment.


The steel buildings that we construct are ready to assemble at your site. Whether you need an office, strip mall, retail store, Edmonton shop buildings, or any other commercial space, we build it entirely to meet your needs. What’s the Zentner difference? We focus on the details and create every element in a way that will help you achieve high performance and a long lasting building.

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