Zentner Steel Buildings Expands to Canada

zentner steel buildings in texas


Now, it is possible for customers based in the United States to avail of the services of Zentner Steel Buildings. With the latest expansion that the company had in Canada, it is easier to get your steel and metal construction projects done in a sweep.

This expansion was first planned out early in 2015. The company started coordinating with different Canada-based businesses for majors projects involving steel and metal construction. After establishing the right connections and networks, Zentner Steel Buildings is now allowed to operate smoothly in Canada, particularly, Dallas, Forth Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.


Services Offered by the Company

Because of the expansion, our customers in the United States will be able to avail different services that the company offers such as steel and metal building repairs, prefabricated and steel building construction, steel building renovation and remodeling, and steel building modifications and alterations.


Steel Metal Building Repairs

Just like what they offer in Calgary, Canada, Zentner Steel Buildings will also provide their United States customers with steel metal building repair services. The company is known as one of those companies that offer the most competitive prices for this kind of service. They have repairs and renovations experts that are well­trained and skilled in doing restoration projects ranging from mild to those that were severely damaged. This way, you will not have to worry about bring back your property asset into its former beauty, not to mention its improved safety and functionality.


Prefabricated and Steel Building Construction

Our US customers can now avail our top of the line and cost­-efficient steel building solutions through incorporating pre-­engineered metal buildings. The company is well-­versed into doing design­ build projects, which makes projects finish ahead of time. This kind of construction will also improve the project cost control process.

Being active in the industry of construction for many years now, the company’s builders were able to develop an understanding of the different requirements demanded by every type of project, meeting the expectation of our clients.

We are ensuring that our customers in the US will also have the same kind of service that meet their expectations at all cost.


Steel Building Renovation and Remodeling

Old buildings can now look brand new by availing of our steel building renovation and remodeling services. Zentner Steel Buildings offers affordable solutions that meets your building’s renovation and remodeling needs. With our ever reliable and professional team of remodeling experts, we can bring back the beauty of your precious asset and make it look brand new.

Because of having experienced developing different steel and metal buildings for many years now, we have almost perfected and mastered the art of remodeling and renovating buildings and meeting the needs of our clients. With our dedicated experts in the field of building remodeling, you will not have to worry about not getting back your building’s former glory.


Steel Building Modifications and Alterations

Zentner Steel Buildings is also offering US customers with steel building modifactions and alterations. If you want to add another room in your building, it can be done without having to bring down the whole establishment. You will never go wrong with our sturdy and durable metal buildings. Having its own set of guidelines that ensures quality work, our contractors will strictly implement this to ensure that we are providing you with quality modification and alteration services.

For inquiries about our Canada services, please contact our toll free hotline at 1-888-826-1799.