Why Should You Hire a General Contractor?

Contractors vs. Subcontractors

It is not always a good idea to do DIY projects. You should know when not to do it, especially if you are going to build a big project in mind like your dream house. With these kinds of projects, you would need to ask for professional help for these kinds of projects that you have in mind. This is because it involves not only tools, but also skills in making the project a success.


Contractors vs. Subcontractors

After carefully assessing why you should hire a professional builder for your project, you will now enter the world of contractors and subcontractors. But first of all, you need to know the difference between them. The contractor is the one that you are paying for to plan for the project. On the other hand, the subcontractors are the ones whom are trusted by the contractors to work with him for the project.

You can think of the general contractors as the “big thinkers.” They are the ones working with their client through the entire project—from the planning stage until the project is finished. The subcontractors, on the other hand, just come and go. They are specialized in particular areas in the construction process. Subcontractors enter a project and just do a certain task and leave when they are satisfied with the result of their work.

It is not necessary for a general contractor to have his own set of employees and staff to handle a particular project. Often times, they hire subcontractors because it is way cheaper compared to having his own employees. Most of the time, subcontractors are working independently and general contractors don’t have to pay for their taxes or to insure them. So it is better to just hire subcontractors than regular employees.


Responsibilities of Contractors

Hiring good contractors can provide you with different ideas because of the knowledge that they have in this particular industry. They are the ones who understand the standards in the industry. They are also experts in project management. Contractors also provide and help you obtain different paper works like insurances, worker’s compensations, and licenses. The general contractor should assume to be liable for property damage and injuries that might happen in the workplace.

It would also be relieving on your part to hire a general contractor because they will also be responsible in keeping the best quality of the project at hand. He acts as the overseer of the project. With this knowledge, you will know that if something bad happen in the workplace or with the project, your general contractor will be the first one to handle it, relieving you from any stress that might be brought by the problem.

The general contractor will also be the one to advise you with the cost of the project and constantly update you whether you have gone far from your original budget. They also has the necessary knowledge for the building codes, proper construction methods and safety, and the appropriate materials to be used for the project.


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