Types of Construction Companies

construction workers


Construction works have different types. It varies from small maintenance to a large construction corporation. Construction companies are therefore divided into different kinds depending on the type of job a company does. There will also be times when these companies can be engaged in general contracting or even sub-contracting.

Here are some of the types of construction companies you can deal with whenever you need such services.

Small Renovation Contractors

Generally, these kinds of contractors are working on jobs that require small amount of capital. It is also a type of work that doesn’t even require too much estimates or a big construction organization. Small renovation contractors usually handle home alteration works or office work and small commercial. There are a lot of small renovation contractors that operate in home offices and usually prepare paper works at night or even during weekends. They are simply working on a freelance basis.

The General Contractors

The general contractors are known as the experts in either alteration works or new building construction. There are some general building contractors are subcontracting a major portion of their projects. Alteration contractors, on the other hand, generally does majority of their trades with their own workforce. There are also some general contractors who specialize in doing public works. However, there are others who like keep doing business with private and commercial clients.

The Professional Construction Manager

Oftentimes, a professional construction manager can be identified as an individual, a group of individuals, or a company who deals with clients as an agent of an owner. However, they also the job as if they are the owner of the company. The organization of construction management usually provides all the required personnel like the expediters, accounting personnel, construction superintendents, and project managers.

The Real Estate Developer

A real estate developer is a kind of owner-builder who could also build houses or establishments that can be sold either before or after it is completed. Included in this category are the one- and two-family builders.

The Owner-Builder

An owner-builder kind of company is not strictly recognized as a contractor. This kind of company only builds buildings for its ownership that they can either sell after completion or rent to other companies for operation. There are many owner-builders that act as a general contractor. They do this as their sideline to their main business type.

The Sponsor-Builder

Sponsor-builders are usually working in the field of subsidized building or government-aid. They are usually given the task of planning, designing, construction, management, rental, and even maintenance of the building. This kind of contractor guides a project through the stages of government processing and design. They also have lawyers who would deal with different government agencies, real estate consultants, and financial institutions. Their lawyers will provide them with the things that they need to know when it comes to land acquisitions and land appraisals. Upon signing a contract with them, the sponsor-builder will assume the role as a builder and then follow what an owner-builder does.