Insulate Your Steel Building

insulating your steel buildings


Some of the most common questions asked by consumers about steel frame buildings is how they can insulate it, or is it possible to insulate a steel building. If you will be spending a generous amount of money on cooling and heating a steel building, then it is a good idea to simply insulate it.

Yes, additional costs may come with this task, but this is just in the initial phase. Eventually, once you have installed insulation into your building, the cost of your utility bills will drastically reduce. This is because the insulation has the ability to slow down heat transfer. This reduces the condensation build up while reducing the noise.


Best Types of Insulation

For steel buildings, traditional fiberglass blanket insulation is not the best choice. You can choose a combination of reflective and fiberglass insulations are best for steel building. You should also pay attention to your insulation’s facing—the side that will face into the building. You must make sure that you have chosen something durable. For this, products with a layer of fiberglass mesh or nylon are the best choice.

To help maintain the brightness inside your steel building, you should also choose a reflective or light color.

You can also install liner panels over your insulation. You can check this feature with the manufacturer for in depth details. Whenever necessary, you also frame traditional walls on top of your insulation.

You must make sure to always consider insulation with better permeability. If you could find one with a low perm-rating—something with a rating of less than 0.1—will be perfect when it comes to reducing the transfer of condensation.


Insulation Material Options

Nowadays, there is a variety of building insulation material options that are available in the market. There are also new technologies and long-forgotten ideas that usually come to the attention of the public as energy savings and thermal resistance become more about employing a green building design.

Moreover, a good metal building insulation will have these features and benefits:

• eliminate condensation

• High R (thermal break) value

• Vapor barrier

• Radiant heat barrier

• Not affected by humidity

• Do not allow rodents, bugs, or birds to nest

• Easy to install

• Recognized by ICCES


You must also take note that steel buildings are affected by cold, radiant heat, and condensation. This way, you will be able to prevent your building from premature distraction.

Steel and other metal buildings may look durable. However, the choice of construction materials can present you with greater challenges, especially if you are looking for insulation to use. By means of choosing the right kind and material of insulation for your steel building can greatly help in reducing energy consumption. This also allows control of the conduction of temperature outside the building. As a result, the steel building will stay cooler in water months and warmer when the temperature begins to drop.

Insulating your steel building is in fact one of the great ways to help you save money economically without harming the environment.