Importance of Structural Steel Detailing

Importance of Structural Steel Detailing

In structural engineering, structural steel detailing is one of the critical processes involved because its demands need to be near 100 percent accurate. With a tiny error, this can lead to enormous loss of valuable money and time, all together.

Having a structural engineer is very important and considered as a mandatory process that every building construction project should undergo—especially for steel buildings. The process of steel detailing is a vital “link for communications” between the key professionals involved in the projects like the engineers, the architects, the contractors, and the fabricators.


What is involved in the steel detailing process?

Steel detailing involves two things—the creation of detailed drawings and the planning and estimating of the materials.

With the creation of detailed drawings, there are two types of drawings that are involved—the erection drawing and the shop drawing.

• The erection drawing describes the dimensioned plans and specifies the geographic location of each of the steel component within the whole structure. These illustrations include specific information about each component’s position, the installation requirements, and all other field works associated with the project like wedge anchors, welding spots, and bolts installation.

• On the other hand, shop drawings show every miniscule detail of each steel piece such as beams, joints, braces, and columns. This specifies how each of these components should be made by a steel fabricator. Shop drawings include component sizes and dimensions, material specifications, bolting, welding, and painting details, surface specifications, and other information that pertains to each component’s fabrication. Shop drawings are only essential and relevant for fabrication uses only. It does not contain any details about putting up and installation of these steel components.

Services included for steel detailing are reinforcing steel detailing, steel design, anchor setting plans, shop bolt summary, and connectivity diagrams.


Standards of Steel Detailing

A steel detailer should be able to comply with the standards of steel detailing mandated by different countries like:

• American Welding Society

• American Institute of Steel Construction

• Australian Institute of Steel Construction

• Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

• Euro Codes and British Standard Codes

The steel structure’s design, integrity, and strength are the sole responsibility of the structural engineer. This should be done while complying with the major building and dimension codes that was set by the architect.

The detailer, on the other hand, is responsible to get the steel detailing drawings to be approved by the structural engineer and architect before releasing it for fabrication.

There are many benefits that you could gain by undergoing your steel building plan and materials under strict structural steel detailing. This way, you can ensure that you will be having a building that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also safe from any damage that can cause casualties in the construction site.

Finding a good team for structural design can help you analyze complex design issues. Moreover, they can also quickly come up with great solutions that can have a significant and positive impact on your steel building project.


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