How to Prevent Construction Delays

how to prevent construction delays

One of the problems faced by both the owners and contractors is keeping all the projects and programs set right on schedule. Of course, these delays are very costly and it should be avoided as much as possible. There are several factors which causes construction project delays. This includes abnormal weather, changes in regulations, funding, site conditions, and shortage in material or workers.
For you to be able to meet all the challenges when it comes to production delays and keep all your projects on track, here are some guidelines that you can follow.

Have a Detailed Schedule Planning

It is a somewhat true that some projects fail to meet deadlines because there is no realistic schedule established in the first place. The very first thing that you need to do is to ask the owner—your client—to establish the completion date of the project.

Often times, owners would announce the completion date for their project before coming up with any major design decisions. However, these owners do not have a well-developed schedule presented. It is important that at the earliest stage of the project, a plan should be made. This plan must include the right way to acquire land, permitting, designing, environmental planning and approval, and bids.

Create a Realistic Milestone

It is important to provide the right amount of contingency commensurate. This should be established to acquire realistic milestones for the project. You must conduct a probabilistic risk assessment that involves all the stakeholders. It is also necessary to document all the findings in a risk register that can assist you in balancing every risk that you might encounter in your assessments.

Schedule with Excellence

Even if the milestone that you have created is flawless and perfectly planned, you still have to consider outside factors that might create delays with your project. You need to provide a vendor contract because this is an opportunity for you to specify the best behavior where you will achieve success.

More often than not, preconstruction plans and activities are the first reason why there are delays in a construction project. This is when scheduling is not made and mandated. To minimize this kind of problem, you could incorporate more demanding aspects of the construction scheduling into the contracts provided. You must also have the drive to really enforce them as your first priority.
Next is to provide a construction contract that specifies that there will be a professional scheduler hired by you, as the contractor. This person should meet the qualifications needed for a successful scheduler. You must also have a mandated planning process instructed to the hire scheduler so he could outline all the requirements given by both the contractor and the client. This way, both parties will have a specific starting point where they could start with their project.

Having a well-planned project targets and goals can help in minimizing delays for a construction project at hand. Through this, it will be easier for you to handle a project. In turn, your client will also be able to know the exact date of completion for the project.