Difference Between Prefabricated, Panel, Modular and Manufactured Buildings

Difference Between Prefabricated, Panel, Modular and Manufactured Buildings

When people talk about different types of houses or buildings, there may arise some confusion regarding the terms used when discussing he kind of building to build. Prefabricated, Panel Built, Manufactured, and Modular are sometimes used interchangeably. However, these terms are all different with each other.


Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated is a term that covers several different kinds of building. It is technically known as any building where in its structure sections were built in a factory and assembled on site. Buildings that have the same process of assembly fall under the prefabricated designation. Both the panel built and modular buildings fall under the cluster of prefabricated. However, these two still has their own characteristics and methods that make them different from prefabricated ones.


Panel Building

A panel building is completed by simply laying down the floor, followed by lowering each wall section into their respective places one at a time.

Panel building construction is useful with building houses that do not work neatly as modules. It can also be just as structural as other kinds of prefabricated buildings. Oftentimes, commercial prefabricated buildings are made this way because it allows wide open spaces and very high ceilings. Also, it is way cheaper to transport a building in panels than those in modules.


Modular Building

On the other hand, modular buildings are usually constructed in separate modules that are shaped like a box. These modules are then secured together to be able to form a whole. Generally, modules are transported using flat-bed trucks over highways. This is why these modules need not to be longer than then truck that is being used for transport and no wider than 16 inches.

Traditionally, this means that every room in the building should not be more than 16 inches wide.

However, with the new technology used to manufacture modular buildings, the old barriers for this kind of building are breaking down. This makes it easier for houses to become more customizable.

More often than not, modular buildings do not allow additional structures to be built in the factory.

However, by combining modern modular building and panel building techniques, modular home factories can deliver your home up to almost 90 percent of completeness.


Manufactured Home Building

Like prefabricated buildings, manufactured buildings are also built in a factory. However, one great difference of manufactured from prefabricated buildings is that no construction happens on site.

Manufactured houses are usually constructed on a steel frame. They are then shipped on its own wheels, and then being laid on a crawl space. There are some instances where in the wheels attached on manufactured houses are not removed. These wheels are just being covered up with some side skirting to conceal that they are manufactured homes.

There are some disadvantages of having a manufactured home. One is because they do not age well. Manufactured home buildings are also prone to maintenance issues. They are also generally considered as one of the worst type of home building to live in.