How to Construct Buildings the Green Way

green buildingNowadays, the threat of global warming is becoming more realistic as time pass by. But thank God for technology that has progressed for the past century, it is now possible to reduce the carbon footprints and stop pollution. A new watchword that you can hear in the construction world is the so-called “Green Building.” This way, you will be able to save the environment by constructing a building or establishment in a “greener” way.
Zentner Steel Buildings have always been looking for ways to care for the environment through sustainable procedures, programs and investments. Our services are ensured to be of quality, durability and cost-efficient  catering to all major industries.

What is “Green Building”?

Also referred as green construction or sustainable building, green building is being implemented by some construction company to help in conserving the environment. Since most of the time, when an existing building is remodeled, huge amount of waste are discarded. Oftentimes, these wastes are non-biodegradable. This non-biodegradable wastes fill, and even overflow landfills.
Employing green building will lessen these wastes. It practices building structures that are friendly to the environment. For instance, cements that are to be used in construction will be made from natural products such as limestones. Limestones are actually a good alternative when choosing natural materials for construction projects.

How to Employ a Green Building

There are several ways on how you can make your building construction an environmental-friendly one. One is by choosing a property that sits properly in a location that maximizes natural sunlight and shade. This way, the cooling effect in itself is environmental-friendly. Natural sunlight is maximized for heating and shade for cooling. You are also basically using the sun’s light for both light and heat purposes. This just means that you won’t need your electrical appliances more often.
Another is preventing HVAC losses. You can do this by having energy efficient designs. There are several construction materials and designs that are specifically made to keep a building as airtight as possible. If you allow filtering in less air from the outside, it will be easier for you to control the temperature inside the building. This means your appliances for heating and cooling will have less work. Also, put into consideration the use of LED lights for your building. LED lights reduce the consumption of power in half compared when using incandescent lights.
Designs for green building must also involve using fresh air ventilation systems. This will help in removing stale indoor air and bringing in fresh air, which will also be a step for you to conserve energy costs.