A Guide to Green Building

A Guide to Green Building

In the construction world, “sustainable development” and “green building” are two of the hottest terms today. But does everyone understand what these terms really mean? Green building, according to Environmental Protection Agency, is the so-called practice of building a healthier and more efficient construction models. There are some people who believe that green building is not only environmental-friendly. For these people, it is also cheaper and healthier.

On the other hand, sustainable development is defined by the United Nations Environment Program as a development that ensures the use of the environment and resources. However, it also makes sure these resources can also be used by future generation.


What makes a Green Building?


There is no magic formula to be able to succeed in living greener than usual. Leaving a lighter footprint on the environment can be done through resource conservation, while balancing low-maintenance products, cost-effective, and energy-efficient products for construction needs. Green building designs usually involve searching for that subtle balance between sustainable environment and homebuilding.

With proper knowledge about these things, people will be well-informed about the importance of green building in the environment.


Choosing Green Beyond the Home

Beyond our home, you will see plenty of green innovations. From hospitals, schools, and business buildings, going green helps them become economically and ecologically efficient. For instance, improving the quality of the air and controlling the temperature in a certain room can help in providing better air supply for its inhabitants. Another example of going green is by designing office to help in increasing its natural light can improve the mood and productivity of the employees.
There are many businesses who are choosing to go green because of the so-called “environmental halo effect.” The environmental halo effect usually happens when consumers choose to work with a company because they practice environmentally-friendly choices.

Ways to Go Green

There are many ways on how you can start making your building—home, school, or business—a green one. Here are some of these ways:

Use Solar Panels

You may think that going solar can be a bit pricey for you. However, you can save up a lot of money by using solar panels. How? Solar panels produce enough supply of electricity, which will allow its users to enjoy electricity without having to depend on utility companies. Solar panels use the sun’s light to convert it into a useable energy for a building.


Using Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in Offices

These days, more and more people are using compact fluorescent bulbs. This is because it can cut the cost of energy. These fluorescent bulbs were reshaped to be able to fit standard lamps. Compact fluorescent bulbs are using a quarter of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs. They can also last for around 10,000 hours! This makes it a great way to save up because you don’t need to buy light bulbs over and over again.

Using Green Building Materials

You can make your building environmental friendly by using recycled materials. These materials can either be postconsumer or postindustrial materials. You can practically find a recycled version of any kind of building material that you can use for your project.
Steel buildings are one of the most eco-friendly materials/establishments recognized in this industry. Not only are steel buildings easy to construct, it’s very much recycable. So if you’re planning to do renovation or improvement, you can simply remove and replace or add stuff into your existing building.
Getting hold of a green building is not as pricey as you think it is. As long as you are resourceful enough, you will be able to get the most out of your given resources.


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